Professional hacking

Information Security Auditing

What is penetration testing!?

It is simulated cyber attacks from inside and outside your network.
It is like playing Chess.
It is us vs them.
It is defense vs offense...
It is a test of your security positions!
We'll break into anything, in the name of education.
We're here to educate you on how to tighten up your security position.



Are you confident with your security posture but would like to spar with someone?
What's your defensive strategy? Why is it the best strategy for you?
Are you proactively challenging that strategy? How?
Would it benefit you to work with someone who could document and show you
your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are from a "simulated attack"?


Getting started:

1.) Choose which level we work together at.
2.) Agree to what is in and out of scope.
3.) Provide legal coverage of services.
4.) Wait with anticipation. We'll come to you.


Testing options:

A.) Black (0%), White (25-75%) or Clear (100%) collaboration levels.
B.) Internal testing - Assume we're already in.
C.) External testing - You're under attack!
D.) Web application testing - Check for OWASP Top 10
E.) Physical testing - It's literally capture the flag.
F.) Social engineering - Phishing, Vishing, SMShing (texting)



"Cybersecurity" and "Ransomware" have rightfully been forced to the front of every business conversation. Businesses are moving to the cloud for it's agility, elasticity, flexibility, and security! They're refactoring operations to focus on business value adding activities that generate revenue and away from the on-premises infrastructure burden.

Access to "industry standard services" that are ready "out of the box". Allowing businesses of any size start from an idea and go to production with cloud services within hours as opposed to weeks or months. It's literally everything we need for Information Security under one umbrella or cloudwatch. That alone simplifies and saves by reducing your business footprint.



Professional experience A Sample Report!

Experienced analyst and process engineer with a focus on quality control and assurances. Offers nineteen years of professional technical experience. A dynamic leader with excellent problem solving skills and the ability to effectively communicate to all levels of management.

Incorporates a hands-on approach using the partners-in-accountability method to all projects with a customer service focus. As communications and support leader with WHONET, provides technical, logistic, and strategic support to the WHONET team, collaboration hospitals, and the Tennessee and Vermont Departments of Health.

In earlier work with Fidelity National Information Services, was responsible for managing 20 associates. Monitored quality calls, and coached, developed and trained staff to perform at site objectives. Also developed technical documentation for training program with newly hired representatives applying the philosophy of partners in accountability using SMART goals.

I believe strongly in doing everything the quality way. As a small business owner I pride myself on assisting other local small businesses. Assisting my community to grow through the use of technology. I have the skills, knowledge, abilities, and vision to execute for you! To view a copy of my resume, please click below.

Path to working directory!

It's important for everyone to do their part. Be sure to place SPAM into the SPAM Folder and don't just delete it. Put bad actors on notice by forwarding their activities to the FBI.GOV website. Learn more about "Cyber Crimes" at That will get their attention and could be the deterent you need to leave you alone.

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